B.O.S.S. Silencers Product User Guide:

Thank you for your silencer purchase and becoming part of the B.O.S.S. Silencer Family!  Below you will find a comprehensive explanation of your silencer and the included components, proper usage, and some fundamental safety practices.  If you can't find an answer here, please contact us on our Contact Page!  Happy and safe shooting!




Your B.O.S.S. Silencer consists of three primary parts:

  1. Silencer Tube - The main, serialized part of the product.  
  2. Swappable End Cap - replaceable and swappable with caps of varying sizes
  3. Mount - A direct-thread mount is included, but you may also use any "HUB-Compatible" 1.375-24 threaded silencer mounting system.  


1.  Selecting the appropriate mounting system is your MOST CRITICAL decision for using your B.O.S.S. Silencer.

- Each B.O.S.S. Silencer comes with a direct thread mount for the most common mounting size for the specific caliber of silencer you have purchased.  When purchasing your silencer, you have the option to select alternate direct thread sizes that you might need for your specific firearm.  

          Common Sizes May Include:

    • .22/5.56mm - 1/2"-28
    • 9mm - 1/2"-28
    • .30/7.62mm - 5/8"-24
    • .338/350 Legend - 5/8"-24
    • 45ACP - 37/64"-28
    •  Custom PRS Barrels - 3/4"-24

- If you want to use a quick-detach (QD) mounting system, your B.O.S.S. Silencer (except for the El Jefe) is compatible with any "HUB" mounting system, which uses the 1.375-24 thread size.  When choosing a QD system, look for "HUB-Compatible," "ASR Bravo," or "1.375-24."  

- Most QD systems include a brake or a flash hider that might be too long to use in B.O.S.S. Silencers.  Please consult the product page for muzzle device clearances.  



2.  Your B.O.S.S. silencer needs to be mounted tight to the barrel.  

  • We recommend verifying that the silencer is securely mounted to the firearm before each use and approximately every 25-50 shots
  • Our silencers are not clocked and have no measurable point of impact shift, therefore no washers of any kind are necessary to mount a BOSS Can using the direct-thread mounts.  If you want to mount the B.O.S.S. Silencer such that the logo and product name are aligned with the firearm, you can use precision washers only.  
  • Your B.O.S.S Silencer direct-thread mount comes installed onto the silencer tube with a small amount of "permanent" thread locking compound. This is necessary to prevent separation between the silencer tube and silencer direct-thread mount.  You may remove the direct-thread mount with a spanner wrench after applying heat to the mount or tube near the engraved section.  If you do not have a heat gun or blow torch, sufficient heat can be generated after 3-5 shots.  Use caution after applying heat to the silencer.  The use of an appropriately-sized tube vise is necessary to ensure you do not damage the silencer tube.  
  • The use of thread locking compound directly on the barrel threads depends on a few variables.  Once you have test fit your silencer onto the barrel, if you are 100% sure that you never want to remove it from that firearm, a couple drops of "permanent" thread locking compound is more than sufficient to ensure that the silencer mount will stay attached to the firearm.  Removal is similar to that of the direct-thread mount.  
  • Thread locking compound directly on the barrel threads may not be necessary after a sufficient amount of use where carbon deposits start to build up to hold the silencer in place.  If after multiple uses you find that you have to keep tightening the silencer to the barrel, consider using thread locking compound to hold it in place onto the barrel.  
  • Whatever method you decide, it is critical that you ensure that the silencer remain tight to the barrel before and during operation of the weapon. If the silencer comes loose while firing, it is VERY suceptible to baffle strikes and/or permanent damage to the silencer tube, as is any firearm silencer.  Damage caused by improper mounting may not be covered under our warranty.  



- Silencers get extremely hot after use and can take a decent amount of time to fully cool to the touch.  We highly recommend using a silencer heat shield during use, which will allow you to pack the silencer after use but prior to cooling to a safe temperature.  A freshly hot silencer will melt through almost anything, including your fancy gear bag.  So if you aren't using a silencer heat shield, you should consider buying a silencer-specific transport pouch that can handle that kind of heat.  You can order custom-fit silencer covers from our Parts page.  


4.  Match your B.O.S.S. Can to an appropriate caliber, round, and weapon.  

- While most B.O.S.S. Silencer models can handle nearly anything you can throw at it, there are some specific limitations that we have identified with each of our silencer models.  The specs for each B.O.S.S. Silencer are listed on their respective product pages, however damage resulting from using a caliber that is either too large or too powerful for your B.O.S.S. Can will not be covered under warranty.  Damage caused by exceeding the stated caliber diameter for any B.O.S.S. Silencer will NOT be covered by our warranty program.  Additionally, if you were to hand load a particularly hot 300 Win MAG load through a short barrel and run the Chairman .30 cal at full auto, as much as we'd like to see that, please don't be that person who forces us to cancel our limited lifetime warranty.  



Warranty Info:

B.O.S.S. Silencers come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

If during the life of your BOSSCan, if you have a failure due to design or manufacturing defects, as long as the serialized portion is intact we will service the silencer at no cost to you.  If you managed to capture the destruction of the serialized portion of a B.O.S.S. Silencer on video, we'll be happy to post it on our YouTube page, but whatever insanity lead to it will likely not be covered under warranty.  



Silencer Service:

One Free Factory Service

Every B.O.S.S. Silencer purchased comes with our one-time, complimentary factory service that will return the silencer to factory-new internal condition.  The silencer will be internally cleaned and baffles will be replaced as necessary.  Exterior finishes are not included in the complimentary service.  


Optional Factory Service

At any time during the life of the silencer, we will provide a full factory servicing for a flat fee of $200.  This service will return the silencer to factory-original or better factory performance.  This service does not include exterior finishing.  


Optional Re-finishing

We will re-finish any B.O.S.S. Silencer during its life for a flat fee of $150.  We will strip the existing finish to bare metal and reapply the factory finish.