Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How can I get volume pricing?

A: Please connect with us on the contact page, or send an inquiry direct to info@bosscans.com


Q: Can I use my Silencer Shop Kiosk to process silencers purchased directly from BOSS?

A: Yes you can!  For questions on how to do that, please connect with your Silencer Shop rep or tech support.  


Q: I am a local silencer dealer, we use Silencer Shop exclusively and do not carry inventory.  How can we sell B.O.S.S. products?

A: We understand that, for Silencer Shop dealers, carrying inventory can be a dealbreaker since Silencer Shop carries your silencer inventory in their warehouse.  If you want to sell B.O.S.S. products in your shop but don't want to carry the cost of holding the inventory, we're happy to hold the inventory in our warehouse and ship to you once a sale has been made, but with a slightly reduced discount.  We can initiate a Form 3 likely same day to keep your sale moving quickly.  Please contact us for details.  



Q: After purchasing, how can I get my silencer?

A: During checkout, you need to provide us with a name and address for your local Firearms Dealer (FFL) who sells silencers.  Once they have your silencer, they will walk you through all of the paperwork needed to take posession.  


Q: When will my silencer ship to my local silencer dealer?

A: Even Silencer manufacturers have to deal with paperwork.  Once you purchase from us, we have to submit a transfer request from us to your provided silencer dealer in your area.  The good news is that this process takes between a few days to a couple weeks, maximum.  Once that's approved, we ship overnight to the FFL you provided during checkout.  



Q: Why do we call them silencers, and not suppressors?

A: The time old debate, silencers vs suppressors.  Even some of you now are reading this and thinking there isn't a debate, they're just suppressors.  And some of you are doing the same, saying they're silencers.  Afterall, unlike what Hollywood might have you think, there's nothing silent about a silencer, they literally only suppress the sound from the firearm.  But then some of you might say that Maxim, the original inventor of the device, himself called it a silencer, and the ATF classifies them as "silencers."  So why did we decide to call our company B.O.S.S. Silencers and not B.O.S.S. Suppressors?  To be honest, we could have gone either way on this because we agree with both sides.  But at the end of the day, we just had to pick one, and we thought B.O.S.S. "silencers" sounded better than B.O.S.S. "suppressors" (and not all of us agreed on this).  But it's really just that simple.  And like everything else we do, we don't waste time on things that don't matter, and try to focus on what's important.  For us, that's making the the most durable, quiet, and lightweight silencers anyone has ever seen!  The rest is just passing the time.