Chairman 762

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The BOSS Chairman is our unrivaled .30cal silencer option, offering the best sound suppression for your high-velocity, 7.62mm/308 long rifles, but also gets your 300 Blackout rigs scary close to movie quiet (see video below).  With the 8" Titanium tube housing our ultra-efficient baffles, The Chairman in stainless steel weighs just enough to get the job done without adding a ton of weight to your rig.  The Titanium version is so light, you'll forget it's even mounted.  

The Chairman features our proprietary, Nikola Tesla-inspired, Coaxially-vented baffles that route the gasses through the silencer for a longer duration than in a standard baffle configuration, dramatically reducing the overall volume of the weapon when compared to other silencers of similar size. 

Includes a direct thread mount in 5/8 - 24, but accepts any standard HUB 1.375-24 pattern mount, including SilencerCo ASR Bravo, or DeadAir Keymo, as examples. 

  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 8"
  • Stainless Steel Model: 17-4 H900 Stainless Steel Baffles/Mount/Cap, Grade 9 Titanium Tube
  • Titanium Model: Grade 5 6Al4V Baffles/Mount/Cap, Grade 9 Titanium Tube, 17-4 H900 Blast Baffle
  • SS - 16oz without mount
  • Ti - 12.5oz without mount
  • Full-auto rated
  • Suitable for barrels 10.5" and longer
  • Glacier Black, High Temp Cerakote, 1800 degrees F
  • Factory Serviceable

For AR10/15s or any other gas impingement firearms, we recommend selecting the vented cap option for dramatically reduced back pressure and gas exposure.  Bolt guns should use the standard end cap option.  


***Shown with the optional BOSS flash suppressor end cap.  

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